Many people suffer from bodily or psychological symptoms for which no clear medical reason can be found. Such symptoms are often called psychosomatic or functional in medicine.

Examples for such symptoms are:

These symptoms are treated with various methods, but typically the treatment only occurs symptom-oriented. Even if the symptom is suppressed the treatment can have unpleasant side effects or the symptom manifests itself in a different place.

In my experience such symptoms are often a reflection that the body is out of balance in different functional systems. The most important functional systems are:

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I connect different therapeutic methods to bring body and soul back into balance. Read more about my methods and how they might help you with bodily or psychological problems.

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The functional systems do not operate separate from each other but are tightly interwoven. This means that a certain symptom is treated best on all these functional systems.

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At the beginning of the first session there is a comprehensive conversation where we discuss whatever issue you brought to me. I explain how I work before the actual treatment begins.

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