At the beginning of the first session is a comprehensive conversation where we discuss whatever issue brought you to me. I explain in detail how I work before the actual treatment begins. During the treatment the client wears underwear or thin clothing (for instance some sports pants and a T-shirt).

The treatment occurs mostly on a massage table, but I also sometimes work with the client in standing or on a small bench. During the session I perform muscle tests and give impulses into the fascia and the perceptional system and observe how the body is changing.

Some mildly painful moments can occur during the work but this is not common.

At the end of the session I often do certain movement and perception exercises which you can also do at home.

For the time between sessions I recommend 2-4 weeks, for acute problems a bit less. Typically more time between sessions also works well.

Without further information it is hard to guess how many sessions are necessary to improve or eliminate a certain symptom. Sometimes this can be done in a single session, but this is more of an exception. Often after 3-5 sessions sufficient progress has been made for a significant improvement of the symptoms. However, it can take longer, especially if the symptom has been present for a long time.

A session takes about 75 minutes and costs 100 Euro. Sessions for children are shorter and cost less.

Statutory health insurance (gesetzlicheKrankenkasse) does not cover this kind of treatment, also I cannot use a prescription from a doctor. Matters are different if you have a private health insurance or are insured privately. The costs of the sessions might also be tax-deductible.

For acute and/or infectious diseases these methods are not suitable. For other severe diseases such as tumors, autoimmune diseases or severe psychological diseases these methods can be supportive but do not replace a medical therapy.

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I connect different therapeutic methods to bring body and soul back into balance. Read more about my methods and how they might help you with bodily or psychological problems.

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Many people suffer from bodily or psychological symptoms for which no clear medical reason can be found. Such symptoms are often called psychosomatic or functional in medicine.

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The functional systems do not operate separate from each other but are tightly interwoven. This means that a certain symptom is treated best on all these functional systems.

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